Export from Japan

Japanese manufacturer has released Middle size of Rotary Tablet Press.

Model : HT-GS-MS
Specifications :

Number of Stations 32 38 45 49
Max.Tablet Diameter (mm) Φ5-Φ19 (depending on punch number & outer dia. of Die)
Feeding System (into Die Boar) Open Feed Shoe and DP Feeder
Tableting Pressure (kN) Main Pressure : 49.0 (5Tonf), Pre Pressure : 29.4 (3Tonf)
Filling Depth (mm) Max. 18 (Lowering Cam : 0-7, 4-11, 7-14, 11-18 you can select)
Tablet Thickness (mm) 0-5 (flat-faced plain tablet)
RPM of Turntable (rpm) 20-70
Control System Weight control by APCON-PDN (option)
Max. Tablet Output (tablet/hour) 134,400 159,600 189,000 205,000
Pitch Circle Diameter (mm) 460
Machine Size (mm) W:1,330xD:900xH:2,170
Weight (kg) About 2,800

High productivity (compare with Indian/Chinese model)
You can produce max. 189,000 tablet per hour by 45 station machine.
Economical (compare with other Japanese model)
Price is about half compare with other Japanese model.
High Performance (compare with Indian/Chinese model)

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Ichimaru Co., Ltd

3-7, Fushimimachi 2-Chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0044, Japan